Stupid People Have Rights Too

Every now and then somebody drags up the old saw about there being Two Americas. Theories vary about just what comprises the dual Americas. Some say the liberals and the conservatives, the Reds and the Blues. Others say it’s the haves and the have-nots. I’d say that we can be neatly divided into the Average and the Congenitally Clueless. There seem to be about a fifth of Americans at any given time who are living in some fantasyland or another. This observation is confirmed by the unbelievable delusion shared by millions that Barack Obama is a Muslim. In spite of ample evidence that he is a Christian, an astounding 20% of us think this. These folks can join the Birthers and Flat Earthers and other Black Belt Morons who can be counted upon to provide entertainment for those of us who inhabit the real world. Ya gotta love em. Their eyes are so blinkered by their beliefs that they can’t see facts when they are placed before their faces.

I thought that the Birthers took the grand prize for persistence of preposterous belief even in the face of documented fact. These are people who are impervious to facts and reality in general. Their beliefs and prejudices prevent them from functioning as cogent discerning human beings. If you have decided to believe in UFO’s there is no amount of evidence or lack of evidence that will convince you otherwise.

At various earlier times in my life I have found it amusing to challenge or at least to point out inconsistencies, fallacies, contradictions and hypocrisies in the thinking or behavior of others. It’s part of my job as a critic. But I have seen the futility of my attempts at discourse with various groups, among them drunks, religious kooks and stupid people. Drunks usually wake up sober the next morning, religious kooks are generally harmless unless you add politics but there is no cure for or protection from stupid people. Luckily stupid people are usually ineffective because of it but on occasion an idiot-savant will appear and America will exalt a symbolic stupid person, shower them with fame and adoration and pay attention to what they say looking for some hidden simple wisdom. We’ve always loved our clowns. Which brings us to Sarah of Alaska and her Teabaggers.

I’m a great Democrat and I think that all groups should have fair representation and leaders of their choice. So, I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see that the stupid people seem to have found a leader that they are happy with in Sarah. Corny as Kansas, I know, but the Teabaggers are just so endearing in their naive political outlook and I can’t help but be amused when I see them in their funny outfits and even their placards and signs are clarions of how cliche and slogan-bound their little minds are. They are simple creatures and they want simple answers and slogans are a sure cure for critical thinking. I find it charming that we can observe signs at their demonstrations which characterize Obama as having the supernatural political power to be a Nazi and a socialist at the same time and a Muslim infiltrator to boot.

Only a stupid person could miss the fact that all of the flimsy and conspiratorial objections to the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency or his citizenship and now his religion, are naught but thinly disguised racism. What they would rather do is call him a nigger but even they have some dim sense of political correctness and only use the N-word in private; in public they settle for painting a Hitler mustache on our President.

My socially conscious side tells me that we have to show compassion for people with challenges. Sometimes we have to make adjustments in order to accommodate their disabilities. This is why it is a good thing that stupid people should form associations and gather in groups, have their own leaders, form political parties, even have their own television network etc. It’s good for them, keeps them from hurting themselves until they get their own Special Olympics. I’m glad that they have found Sarah as their Statue of Liberty. Pure symbol, bring your own substance. How American is That?

And how perfect is it that Sarah’s main political platform is Twitter? Stupid people are not noted for their attention-spans and 140 characters is about as much political analysis as they can manage at one sitting.

Half the fun of having Freedom of Speech is listening to what stupid people say. This is why the Bombshell from Bristol Bay is such a delight. It’s not amazing that a hockey-mom would have the opinions of a hockey-mom. What is amazing is that the ignorant little homilies that she sells find so many buyers. I guess stupid people like to feel smart like anybody else.

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” — George Carlin

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